SSCLI 2.0 Patch for VS 2010

by joel 27. April 2010 05:03

I’ve been hacking away on some type system stuff for fun, checking out Linear Types and Effectsand how all that relates to concurrency problems of tomorrow. I find the best way to think about that concretely is to take a look at the runtime/csharp sources, and where best they might be modified to support such a system.

That means spinning up my old friend the Shared Source CLI 2.0. First step: wrangle the build system/source in to Visual Studio 2010 land. Bootstrapped by Jeremy Kuhne’s VS2008 patch, I’ve pushed that patch forward to work with a Visual Studio 2010 install (requires C++, and I believe something bigger than Express).

You can download the new patch here. Install by just overlaying the patch files on your unzipped SSCLI 2.0 distribution.

After you crank up a Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt and run “sscli20\env”, you’ll need to make sure LIBPATH and INCLUDE environment variables are set properly. Details of those steps are found in the vs2010README.txt file in the patch zip. It comes with a “Works on my machine” software certification.

And while you’re at it, you may as well download our Shared Source CLI 2.0 Internals book. Fostered by Microsoft Research, shelved by the GFC. Free to all. Enjoy.


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